Viva Labs Krill Oil Review

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Omega-3 is essential to the diet. One powerful way to add the supplement to a diet is by taking krill oil. Krill is a shrimp-like crustacean that swims in the sea.

For quite some time, fish oil has been known to be beneficial. Only recently, have scientists discovered a source of the omega-3 fatty acid that does not cause the “fish burp.” Viva Labs Krill Oil has more antioxidants than regular fish oil.

Most manufacturers encapsulate krill oil in soft gels derived from bovine gelatin. Viva Labs Krill Oil manufacturers use a patented Caplique capsule of high quality for their product. The capsule protects against oxygenation. Virtually all unpleasant odors and bad taste are eliminated. That is why Caplique is the preferred choice.


The recommended dose of 1250 mg can meet with two capsules of the 100 percent pure krill oil supplement. Viva Labs guarantees the product to be free of impurities including PCBs and mercury. When testing is done, identifying and determining the amounts of DHA, EPA, and other fatty acids claimed are part of the process. Freshness determined by peroxide and anisidine values, as well as, TOTOX. Testing for potential PCB, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury contaminants is done. An optional dioxin testing is conducted.

Independent laboratories are used to assess all products. The scientific methods used to include gas chromatography, a Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Method, and other processes that are less self-explanatory. Products that do not pass the initial assay are tested, using similar methods, in another laboratory, independent of Viva Labs.

Amounts of CoQ10 are tested. The disintegration of non-time and non-chewable release formulations is analyzed. Product identities are not disclosed to laboratories performing tests.

To pass testing, certain criteria must be met. There must be 100 percent of the amounts of fatty acids claimed, present in the product. This sum cannot exceed 150 percent of the requested amount. Predetermined peroxide, anisidine, and TOTOX values cannot exceed. Harmful limits of mercury, cadmium and inorganic arsenic cannot be present. Lead in the supplement must meet California’s Prop 65 limits. Other acceptable standards for PCBs, dioxin, and CoQ10 must satisfy. USP recommended disintegration parameters for coated capsules are required.

There are specific margins of error allowed for passing scores. A product can be disqualified by if testing indicates a safety risk. Inaccurate or misleading information on labels can also merit disqualification of the product.

The IKOS consumer reporting agency has given Viva Labs Krill Oil its best FIVE-out-of–FIVE rating. The product meets label claims and standards set by the company.

Viva Labs guaranteed krill oil will restore overall health. Many people do not realize many health issues, aches, and pains are related to a shortage of Omega-3 in the diet. Fish oil has been a common source, but the trend is changing. Research has proven krill oil contains a larger amount of Omega-3s and has more antioxidant power. Viva Labs claims the product has 54 times more power from antioxidants than fish oil.

Two polyunsaturated fat chains are contained in Viva Labs Krill Oil. These are essential for maintaining overall health. One antioxidant present in the krill oil is astaxanthin. Clinical studies have suggested this antioxidant is effective in fighting free radicals known to cause cell damage.

Viva Labs Krill Oil is capable of many things. Cardiovascular health is improved. Blood pressure is regulated. Blood sugar levels that are healthy keep maintained. Bones and joints are strengthened. The product relieves pain, improves memory, and gives skin a healthy youthful glow.

Antarctica’s pristine waters are the source of Viva Labs Krill Oil supplement. Immediately after being caught, the krill is processed into a meal. That ensures all antioxidant power and nutrients are retained. The supplements are manufactured in US FDA-approved facilities that meet or exceed all standard of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices.) Confident in the quality of the supplement, the manufacturer offers a 90-day money back guarantee, without any questions.

Consumers that have used the product have given positive testimonials. One woman, who had used fish oil for years, stated she had never felt the effects or benefits of the supplement. That changed with she switched to Viva Labs Krill Oil

Another user was suffering from joint pain in her hips, shoulders, hands, and knees as a Herceptin side effect. Herceptin is used to combat breast cancer. Within two weeks of taking this krill oil supplement, she noticed a huge improvement. She is now pain-free. Sharing her experience with family and friends resulted in similar outcomes for them.

Another customer found that making common sense diet changes and using the supplement lowered his cholesterol, and his blood pressure has been reduced to normal. Economically speaking, one individual said the price made using the product regularly, with a good dosage, over an extended period possible. His partner was able to discontinue an intrusive medical treatment to an injured foot after taking the supplement.

A 65-year-old said a medical condition which plagued him in 2005 continues to improve the use of krill oil. Previously required procedures have ceased. Omega-3s, Vitamin D, and probiotics are the only things he takes as the base of his health regime. No other drugs or blood-thinning aspirin are taken.

More positive blood pressure results were realized by a 77-year-old who takes one or two pills daily. One is always taken with breakfast in the morning. The customer’s doctor said the latest results of an ordered blood test were perfect.

The rapid response and the ease if taking the supplement had a consumer feeling better in three weeks. One reviewer left room for a placebo effect on possible depression relief. Taking the krill oil seems more efficient than flax or fish oils are taken previously. Swimming, to get some physical exercise, might have made combining good things as a depression deterrent. At any rate, the individual feels better.

Krill oil was given as a gift to some people by one responder. The reviewer, who has heart disease, reported lower bad cholesterol and less hypertension. Some comments from those receiving the gift included help with memory and vision. One person said help with his prostate. The fact krill oil is fresh, and economical was appreciated.

A broken ankle left one person with arthritis, swelling, and severe pain at the injury site. Not wanting to undergo surgery, she took a friend’s advice and began taking Viva Labs Krill Oil. In three days, the symptoms started to subside. After a week, the symptoms were gone and had not returned. Things like walking, exercising, and wearing any choice of shoe that were once painful, became possible again.

Other miscellaneous comments included a user putting capsules in treats and giving them to pets. Herniated discs of someone else are less painful and don’t seem to be inflamed. PMS symptoms have noticeably reduced.

There were 69 reviews posted about Viva Labs Krill Oil. The one area that might need to be improved has to do with the capsule. Overwhelmingly, the comments gave the pros for the product as being effective, mixes well, tastes fine, and has no aftertaste. There were no more than five negative observations made about the taste or smell. People, who complained of these issues, mentioned damaged or leaky capsules. It appears like the only way to have a negative experience is getting a product that is damaged.