Nutrigold Krill Oil Gold 500 mg. Review

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As with many other things, not all nutritional supplements are created equally. Some contain more bioavailable ingredients, others lack certain components, some may be too expensive for the required dosage despite their higher bioavailability, and still others contain chemicals that may be counterproductive to the supplement’s intended effects.

Nutrigold Krill Oil Gold 500mg supplements represent the top-of-the-line in krill oil supplements. They are certified as “5-Star” by the International Krill Oil Standards program, which is the highest available rating under this program’s guidelines. They marketed as the only krill oil supplement that has been clinically proven to produce results.

As any smart consumer knows, awards and certifications only mean so much. Let’s take an in-depth look at the Krill Oil Gold 500mg supplement to examine its cost-efficiency. Also, how potent it is, and if it really can do the things that the product description claims it can.

Omega-3 fatty acids are the most beneficial type of fatty acids for most people. It supports cardiovascular, cognitive and joint health by helping your body to act as a natural blood thinner. This, in turn, works to reduce inflammation naturally and to support the replacement of individual cells.

You can even find that it will help with things like insulin sensitivity and some digestive tract problems that have caused as a response to inflammation. While it is no cure by itself, it is one of the chemicals that most people lack in their regular diets.

Understanding the Difference Between Fish Oil and Krill Oil

Before going in-depth into how well this product works, it is vital that you know the difference between the different sources of omega-3 fatty acids. This is key to understanding not only what internal biological mechanisms are at work, but also to is required to understand how one source differs from the other in what it can do.

Fish oil concentrates on delivering just fish oil concentrate, which is composed primarily of fatty acids. In most fish oil supplements, most of the omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA and DHA, are locked and unavailable for the body to use. It requires that you take a higher overall dosage of fish oil throughout the day to ensure that your body has a sufficient supply of omega-3 acids.

Krill oil works differently than fish oil. A higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids isn’t locked by other chemicals, which means that your body uses more of the omega-3 acids.

The Nutrigold Krill Oil 500mg has 30% of omega-3 per capsule, which is seemingly equivalent to products like Nature Made’s 1200mg fish oil supplement. The difference is that nearly all of the 300mg of omega-3 fatty acids are available in the Krill Oil 500mg product while as much as half of the 360 mg of omega-3 fatty acids in the Nature Made product may go to waste.
The other significant difference between krill oil and fish oil concerns the extra beneficial ingredients that high-quality krill oil products have: astaxanthin and phospholipids.

Astaxanthin acts as both an anti-inflammatory agent and an anti-oxidant, which means that it helps to keep the krill oil stable for a longer time and promotes an overall healthier body when taken on a regular basis.

Phospholipids attach for the omega-3 fatty acids and allows for better absorption, which is what makes krill oil more bioavailable. This chemical is not present in fish oil, which means that your body has to go through the tedious and often wasteful process of removing triglycerides from the omega-3 acid molecules.

Why Choose the Krill Oil Gold 500mg Supplement Over Other Krill Oil Supplements?

The primary thing that you will notice about the Krill Oil Gold 500mg supplement is that it contains more omega-3 acid per pill versus the majority of other leading brand krill oil supplements. It means that the 1000mg capsules are much smaller, and tend to produce less of a shellfish taste even when taken on an empty stomach.

The Krill Oil Gold 500mg supplement also contains the most astaxanthin and phospholipids per capsule. It allows you to rest assured that this krill oil will provide the largest anti-inflammatory and most bioavailable krill oil per capsule.

Nutrigold Krill Oil Gold 500mg supplements are packed in one of the safest ways that are guaranteed to both reduce spoilage and to prevent everything but the most minute of mercury levels, the latter of which is one of the biggest concerns for people who take fish based oil supplements.

Another benefit of this product is the fact that it contains no soy, nor does it include triglycerides like some other leading krill oil supplements. It makes it easier for certain individuals with easily upset or disagreeable stomachs to more efficiently metabolize the omega-3 fatty acids.It also results in a smaller capsule, which is something that people with swallowing issues will find advantageous.

Who Should Stay Away From This Product?

It is imperative that you stay away from this product if you have an allergy to shellfish. It can cause the same type of allergic reaction that ingesting shellfish does in certain individuals.

Another thing to note is that this product sometimes has problems with leakage, which can cause some of the krill oil to leak from the capsule and to provide a taste that some people cannot stand. It is the result of receiving old krill oil that has been sitting on shelf too long, which means that you should find a reliable source for obtaining the Krill Oil Gold 500mg supplements that can ship to you promptly.

Regarding this leakage problem, Nutrigold has sent out several statements to customers. They have stated that krill oil is a highly complex product to both package and to maintain in its packaging. They have also guaranteed that any leakage has confined to only one lot of their krill oil products, which means that newer batches should not have the shellfish leakage problems.

Final Thoughts About the Krill Oil Gold 500mg Omega-3 Supplement

While this is one of the more expensive krill oil supplements available on the market today, it is also one of the most useful ones. The bioavailability of the omega-3 fatty acids, the concentration of astaxanthin and phospholipids, and the increased quality of packaging unique to Nutrigold’s krill oil supplements makes this the cream of the crop regarding krill oil supplements. The 5-star rating from the IKOS is deserved for a reason.

That said, it may not be the perfect way for everyone to obtain omega-3 fatty acids. If obtaining them is your only goal, then you may want to consider a cheaper alternative that has just as high of a standard in packaging and storage as the Nutrigold Krill Oil Gold 500mg supplement has.

If you do not mind paying an extra for a premium product that will reduce inflammation, promote the health of your cardiovascular system and help to improve cognitive function while decreasing the occurrence of things like mood swings and depression, then this is the krill oil supplement that you want to buy. It will provide you with the largest benefit per capsule over other leading brands of krill oil supplements.