Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil

Krill oil or fish oil that is the question. When looking for the best supplements for your health, you are bombarded with helpful information, and that includes the debate over the best kind of oil from the fruits of the sea. Take a look at both and decide for yourself.

The Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish oil has drawn lots of attention in recent years in the medical community. Researchers have discovered a link between fish oil and improved cardiovascular health. It is believed to address a host of other health problems, such as high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s Disease, ADHD, and cancer. When used as a supplement, fish oil is even helpful in weight management. It sounds like the end all, be all in medicine, but it is important to understand that individual sources of fish oil are best. Eating fried seafood will cancel out any of the inherent benefits that come from fish oil.

What is the Secret Behind Fish Oil?

Fish oil contains omega three fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are considered a critical component for reducing inflammation throughout the body, inflammation being the source of many health ailments. As a result, the joints will be healthier, causing fewer problems with arthritis and the pain that comes with aging. When inflammation reduces in the blood vessels, the circulatory system and heart perform more efficiently, resulting in fewer problems with strokes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

The best sources of fish oil include salmon, albacore herring, lake trout, anchovies, and sardines. You can get your intake of fish oil through the foods that you eat and supplements. You need to choose fish oil supplements carefully to get the best results. They should come from a reputable source that produces pure fish oil that is not blended with questionable additives. When looking for purity in fish oil, you want to make sure it was not harvested from fish that live in contaminated waters. You want the highest standards for anything that you put in your body.

Are There Drawbacks to Using Fish Oil?

Fish oil is not the only source of omega three fatty acids, and you need to remember to balance your intakes with other natural sources, such as vegetables and krill oil. It is important to note that you can have adverse effects from too much fish oil that is consumed on a regular basis. You could begin to see unwelcome side effects or have an allergic reaction. If you note any serious changes in your health or troubling symptoms after beginning a regimen that includes fish oil, you should consult a physician. Also, if you have any pre-existing health conditions, talk with your doctor about the best dosage of fish oil for you.

What are the Benefits of Krill Oil?

Krill oil has become a popular alternative to fish oil while proponents voice the many advantages that come with regular consumption. You will discover that these tiny organisms that feed the whales and resemble shrimp are a gold mine of omega three fatty acids. Krill oil has the same benefits that come with fish oil, but due to the way it is stored in krill, it is more quickly absorbed into a person’s system. When these essential fatty acids are absorbed more rapidly, results are enhanced. Think of it as a speedy delivery of these ingredients that are so important for your health. Another advantage that comes with krill oil is the presence of the antioxidant, astaxanthin.

This powerful antioxidant is a warrior against free radicals in your body. If you are listening to the current trends in medicine, you know that free radicals damage your cells and lead to uneven development, such as cancer. You will want to include any modification in your diet that will keep your cells healthy. If you are a woman, take note. Research has found that krill oil can help you to ride out the highs and lows that come with PMS and menopause. If you are pregnant, krill oil is known for boosting your pregnancy health and protecting the baby’s development. You shall also be more likely to maintain your skin’s healthy glow with the addition of krill oil in your diet.

What are Drawbacks with Krill Oil?

One of the biggest concerns about using krill oil is depleting this essential source of food for the creatures of the sea. It is the dietary foundation for marine life. If we are not careful with our harvesting process, it could have disastrous consequences on the balance of life in our oceans. Being aware of dangerous side effects is important. Krill oil can cause a severe allergic reaction for those with seafood allergies. It can also inhibit blood clotting which could be a problem for some individuals. See to learn more about this supplement.