Krill Oil Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Krill Oil 100% natural?

Yes, unlike fish oil, Krill Oil is 100% organic as it is harvested from wild krill in the cold oceans near Antarctica.


  • How clean is Krill Oil?

Krill Oil is harvested from groups of krill that live naturally in the oceans surrounding Antarctica. Because these krill live so far from major human populations, they have 0% contact with any wastes like mercury, heavy metals, or other contaminants.


  • What is the difference between Krill Oil Benefits and Fish Oil?

While fish oil and krill oil both contain high contents of Omega-3 Acids, (The key ingredient in the many health benefits from fish and krill oil,) krill oil is far more potent and has no contaminants at all. Fish oils have become less potent, and even unhealthy due to the mass production of the oil.


  • Is Krill Oil considered kosher?

No. Because krill oil is harvested from krill, which is a small shrimp-like crustacean, it is considered similar to pork and is not kosher.


  • Is Krill Oil safe to take while pregnant?

Yes, it is not only safe to take krill oil while pregnant, but it is also encouraged as it will make the mother healthier, give her more energy, and can also strengthen the baby.


Can users with type one or type two diabetes take Krill Oil?

Yes, taking krill oil with type one or type two diabetes is not only safe, but also encouraged.


What kind of health benefits can Krill Oil offer?

There are literally hundreds of positive effects that krill oil can have on the human body. Scientists are still discovering new medicinal effects that krill oil offers, but here are several examples of clinically proven effects of krill oil: Krill Oil strengthens bones, improves respiratory systems, cleans and strengthens the cardiovascular system, gives the user more energy, clears and heals skin damage and imperfections, fights potential cancer cells, improves brain function, and literally hundreds of other incredible effects.

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